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Wind Mitigation

All Florida homeowners are ENTITLED to premium reductions on the wind-storm coverage portion of their homeowner’s insurance policy based upon the findings of a Wind Mitigation Inspection regardless of the age of the home. I personally verified and documented three (3) discountable features on a frame-built, 1923 home in Fort Myers Beach. This is MANDATED by Florida Statute 627.0629. This is NOT a pass/fail inspection but rather a documentation of potential discounts.

The State of Florida mandate which went into effect March 1, 2002, requires insurance companies to reduce rates for those structures that have specific wind mitigation features which will make them better equipped to withstand a high-wind event. The discount you receive may save you money for years depending on the criteria of your own insurance company. An iSpects®, LLC, wind mitigation certified, trained, and licensed inspector will perform an inspection by observing and photographically documenting six independent features that are directly related to discounts.

They are as follows; 1) Age of roof covering (most permit-verified roof coverings with a permit application date on or after March 1, 2002 may receive immediate discount), 2) Roof deck attachment, 3) Roof to wall connection, 4) Roof geometry, 5) Secondary Water Resistance, and 6) Opening Protection. Any qualifying combination of the above mentioned components may earn you a healthy discount. The iSpects®, LLC inspector will complete the assessment and electronically deliver you and your trusted agent the report typically ready for the following business day.

Please ask your insurance agent if you have a Wind Mitigation Inspection report on-file with the newest criteria as of February 1, 2012. Additionally, ask if you are currently receiving any discounts.

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