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Florida Disaster – Hurricane Retrofit Guide

Florida Product Approvals are set by the State for all construction trades.  They are products that the State approves for use in all areas of Florida, including the Hurricane Zones.  To assure that the products being used on your roof are approved for the State of Florida ask for the Product Approval page.  You can also look them up by going to there website

Miami-Dade Notice of Acceptance (NOA) are set forth by Miami-Dade county for all construction trades.  They all have Florida Product Approval, but the installation methods are a little stricter.  In Miami-Dade & Broward Counties you must comply with the Miami-Dade building code, they over-ride the Florida Product Approval.  If you are located in these two counties or if you are in any other county in the State and want your windows/shutters/roof covering/doors installed according to the Miami-Dade NOA ask your contractor to supply you with this information or look it up on the Miami-Dade website

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