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Many insurance companies require Roof Condition Certification inspections upon policy renewal for homes/dwellings of certain ages.  Verification of roof covering replacement/updates, or a Roof Condition Certification Inspection may be required for homes that are 15+ years old with shingled roof covering.  Homes/dwellings with tile or metal roofs, and mobile homes 25+ years old may also be required to have the Roof Condition Certification.  The qualifying inspector must be actively licensed/certified with the State of Florida.  Persons filling out the form illegally are committing a 3rd degree felony.

The importance of using a licensed & trained iSpects®, LLC  inspector is critical in that our inspectors do not have any conflicts of interest.  Roofers/roofing contractors, by nature, may be tempted to require repairs, and then give you an estimate.  Since we do not do any repairs, you can trust that an iSpects®, LLC  inspection is completely unbiased.

The Roof Condition Certification differs from the Wind Mitigation Inspection in that it offers photographic verification of the condition of the roof covering, ONLY.  iSpects®, LLC  recommends that anyone having the roof inspection also have the Wind Mitigation Inspection if you haven’t had one since February 1, 2012.  Mobile homes do not qualify for Wind Mitigation Inspections.

As always, please consult with your trusted insurance agent as to the best course of action is to follow.

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